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We understand how difficult finding the right rental property can be.


Anyone would be stressed after searching for days or even weeks without any luck. That’s where the team at John Howard Management & Letting comes in. We boast a wide selection of rental properties in our portfolio that we can match you with. Whether you’re looking for a house or a flat to rent, we’ll be able to find you the perfect property in Southend.

Each and every one of our potential tenants come to us with different requirements. For example, some tenants will prefer traditional long term tenancies and some will prefer to take advantage of our exclusive short term service flats. Our team has had extensive experience in the rental market and as a result, they are more than capable to meet the needs of tenants and landlord alike.

Whatever you need as a tenant, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a property to rent, you can call us on 01702 419847 or come into our office at 78 Sutton Road, Southend-On-Sea. In either case, our team will take your information and use it to match you with the perfect rental property. We’re certain we’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Southend on Sea, Essex


78 Sutton Road, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 5EW

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